Increases patient safety while saving time. Order direct now.

The Tylke Forceps embody hybridization and the future of instrument development.

Rodinia has developed a 21st century hybrid of the Magill forceps as a viable alternative for today’s healthcare professional. The newly patented Tylke Forceps increases patient safety while saving time. The instrument eliminates; visual obstruction, no gripping or regripping of slippery endotracheal tubes, no torn cuffs, and no vocal cord trauma. Astute clinicians prefer to avoid unnecessary challenges and difficulties associated with nasotracheal intubation. If it is your desire to practice medicine safely and effectively, then Rodinia has the solution for you.

Advantages Of Tylke Forceps

Up to 75% Faster Nasotracheal Intubation

Better Angle for Unobstructed Visualization of Vocal Chords

No Gripping Required of Endotracheal Tubes

Slippery Nasotracheal Tubes No Longer An Issue

Never Have to Regrip the Endotracheal Tube

Works Well with Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy Assisted Nasotrachael or Endotracheal Intubation

No Vocal Cord Trauma

No Torn Endotracheal Tube Cuffs

Natural Orifice Surgery Frequently Requires Nasotracheal Intubation

Hybridized Instrumentation

The Rodinia Tylke forceps increases patient safety while saving time.

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Sterile, Single-Use Tylke™ Forceps

  • Rigid plastic construction
  • Tensile tested for strength
  • Cost-effective alternative to repairs, reprocessing or replacement

  • Reduced risk of infection and cross contamination.
  • Same level of safety and efficiency as their reusable forceps
  • Packed sterile and ready to use