About Rodinia

Rodinia is a company with a passion for excellence. As such, we are committed to maintaining excellence in every aspect of our business. While achieving success in the advancement of technology is important, we will also provide exemplary customer service. With regard to the instruments, our commitment takes the form of superior products that perform impeccably. In order to provide Anesthesiologists, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, Emergency Physicians, and Paramedics with the tools they need to operate with the utmost skill and confidence, we have introduced a hybridized instrument that is truly superior to the outdated Magill forceps.


Magill history

New materials and procedural techniques create a continual need for advancement of entirely new concepts, and therefore, the development of new instruments. Rodinia LLC responds to these needs by launching a newly patented and creatively designed forceps for Airway Specialists, Trauma Physicians and their practices worldwide.

Rodinia LLC recognized the Medical community’s need for an easier, safer and more efficient resource during nasotracheal intubation. Rodinia LLC responded by designing and manufacturing the Tylke Forceps.



We utilize master craftsmen in the production of our medical instruments and only provide ISO certified, FDA approved, materials. We demand quality be built into the product from the start.

James E. Tylke, M.D.

Inventor / Owner / CEO | Rodinia, LLC