Instructions for Use of the Tylke Forceps

Tylke™(Til-Key) Nasotracheal Intubating Forceps by Rodinia, Provide greater efficiency which means improved patient care. The unique Tylke Forceps function as an extension of the arm for better control during Nasotracheal tube placement and eliminates gripping and regrip ping of slippery tubes. Increases patient safety by eliminating torn tube cuffs and reduces risk of trauma to vocal cords once common with the Magill forceps. Makes nasotracheal intubation up to 75% faster than with other forceps. Works well with fiberoptic laryngoscopy-assisted intubation. Allows for unobstructed viewing of vocal cords.

For greater performance and ease of use please follow the instructions and quick tips.

Insert the Tylke™ forceps in mouth. Tilt Tylke™forceps left 90 degrees to encircle
the tube, ideally behind cuff, see illustration. Aim forceps at the vocal cords and have assistant advance tube until past the cords into the trachea.

Pull the Tylke™ forceps back to oropharynx while still wrapped around tube and rotate hand to the right, gap on top.

Open and disengage Tylke™forceps onto the base of the tongue and carefully remove from the mouth The airway becomes narrower with depth, therefore easier to engage and disengage up higher in the airway, especially in Pediatric and smaller airways.